From Chaos to Clarity!


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From Chaos To Clarity!


A Drug-Free Program for Learning, Attention and Behavior Challenges

“Are you a frustrated parent looking for a proven, drug-free way to help your child.”?

“Are you getting poor reports from your child’s school and worried about their future?” 

‘Learning’ and ‘Behaviors’ Improve Significantly!

Takes Kids From:

‘Chaos to Clarity!’

‘Misbehaved to Behaved!’

‘Not Doing Well to Doing Well at School!’

Endsorsements From:

Dr. Diane M. Evans, Registered Psychologist, Calgary


“Ellicia Carmen is a brain fitness coach who is dedicated to improving the lives of children…”

Dr. Fred Wilson, B.Sc., D.C., Chiropractor, Calgary


“His marks in school have increased by 30 – 40 % and the emotionality of his behavior has improved in many ways…”


Is Your Child Struggling With:

I know how hard this is on you, your child and everyone involved because I’ve been there.  And I’m here to tell you the absolutely ‘wonderful’ news… “there is Hope for a Bright future!”

What Can Easy Focus Do For Your Child?

Increase self-esteem and confidence

A calmer child

Increase focus, mental clarity and memory

Improve reading and writing

What Can Easy Focus Do For You?

Easy Focus offers a simple, easy and cost efficient In-Home program.

Proven Results!