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Easy Focus Improves

Executive Functions and Frontal Lobe Fitness

Easy Focus can…

1.  Improve the Health and Fitness of the Brain.

serotonin – 21% on average
norepinephrine – 18 % average increase
beta endorphins – 25% average increase
melatonin – 6% average decrease

One of Ritalin’s Mechanisms is to increase blood flow in that area…

Easy Focus can…

2. Train the Brain Into Shape!

“The Brain learns to produce the necessary brainwaves for success.”

Brain maps have shown that individuals with learning disorders, including ADHD…

Easy Focus can…

3.  Improve Listening Attentiveness

…and Comprehension Ability.

Easy Focus can…

4.  Simultaneously Calm and Energize the Brain

…and Central Nervous System.

Easy Focus can…

5.  Integrate the Left and Right Hemispheres

… Required for Higher Brain Processes.

The Sensorimotor network lays lengthwise along the midline of the brain…

Easy Focus can…

6.  Rescript Inner Dialogue, Mood and Living Patterns

…To Become Positive

Children learn positive self-concepts and living patterns:

  1. Building a child’s Self-Esteem

  2. Joy of Learning

  3. Positive Relationships and Behaviors

*I am an excellent learner   *I am well-liked   *I am happy and successful in school

We bypass the negating conscious mind and reprogram directly to the subconscious mind…which holds all our beliefs and dictates our behavior.  Subliminal messages have been scientifically proven to work!!!

Easy Focus can…Create Happy and Successful children!