From Chaos to Clarity!

Endorsement by Dr. Diane M Evans

On November 23, 2019 in

is a brain fitness coach who is dedicated to improving the lives of children. Ellicia is founder and president of Easy Focus, a 60 Day Neuro-Training program designed to enhance and improve attention, behavior, learning, self-esteem, and social interaction in children with learning challenges, including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The Easy Focus program is a synthesis and integration of four brain fitness technologies, including audio-visual entrainment (AVE).

Many professionals in psychology and related fields use audio-visual (sound and light) entrainment technology to enhance the mind state and mental functions of their clients. Numerous research studies have been conducted and the results support the effectiveness of AVE (see References).

This neurotechnology offers a non-pharmaceutical approach that may alleviate symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity/impulsivity, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia in some individuals. Along with improved behavioral and emotional regulation, AVE may also facilitate an improvement in concentration, memory, reading comprehension, and general academic performance.

Dr. Diane M. Evans, M. A.,

Registered Psychologist