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How it Works

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How do we do this?

Brain Train NeuroTechnology!

“The brains health, how you think and your attitude… is everything in life!”

Through neurotechnology we get the brain in shape, it can be viewed as “push-ups for the brain”.  We use a combination of 4 ‘brain train’ neurotechnologies:

1. Easy Focus uses recordings with special sounds that exercise lazy ear muscles. When muscle tone improves this improves the child’s ability to pay attention and listen to what is being said to them.

2.  Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), also known as sound and light stimulation.  The device we use is safe and approved as a Class I medical device by Health Canada.  Because this intervention is a training process and not a clinical intervention, it is more appropriately applied in the educational settling rather than in the clinical setting.

A little more background information on Audio-Visual Entrainment…

After 6 minutes of enjoying an AVE session, ‘EEG brain maps’ have demonstrated that the brain resembles the same brain wave patterns seen in advanced meditators.  This is very intersting, because research has shown that advanced meditators, who have trained in meditation for 10 years and beyond, are considered to have the ‘ideal’ brain-mind state.  A state considered to lead to peak performance in school, work and in life.  A relaxed, yet focused alertness.

Meditation requires a great deal of discipline, effort, focus and time.  An exercise that is particularly challenging for youth and children with learning/behavioral challenges and therefore not a realistic or sustainable method long-term.  Yet after 6 minutes of enjoying an AVE session, participants receive this same state of ‘relaxed alertness’ as advanced meditators.

The Easy Focus tools and methods take children who are fragmented and scattered to a focused and relaxed state. Over time the child is trained how to achieve this ideal mind state on their own.

Audio-visual entrainment balances, integrates, regulates and helps train the brain to function normally.  It has proven to be a safe, easy and very effective sensory integration method for learning and behavioral challenges.


3.  Special cross-over body exercises balance and regulate brain functioning. Many children struggling with learning are very right brain dominant. These exercises are designed to integrate the left and right brain hemispheres so that they are working together. Whole brain functioning is very important for effective living and learning and for many people there isn’t good integration and communication between the 2 sides.

4.  Positive Affirmations:  During body cross-over exercises the child says positive affirmations outloud of personal goals they want to achieve.  This is very powerful and affective when combined with the excercises.

Easy Focus uses the same NeuroTraining technologies that are used in over 60 schools in the U.S., … and this number is growing every year.

By getting the brain in shape with brain technologies.  Skills such as; organization, reading, writing, logic and time management all improve as the brain begins to function more effectively.  As the mind becomes more integrated and balanced… sleep, relaxation, well-being and mood improve significantly.

With increased relaxation, heightened awareness and improved self-concepts comes an ability to understand social situations better.  This increased understanding, inner-calmness and awareness helps improve relationships.  With an improved mind state your child begins to achieve their goals, feel happy and have greater success in life!

Easy Focus customizes the program based on the needs of the child.  The Easy Focus program is safe, non-invasive, enjoyable and relaxing…and for the most part requires no effort whatsoever on the part of the child or you.

Time Committment

Parents:  7 minutes 5 days a week for the duration of the program.  Typically 8 weeks.

Children:  30 minutes 5 days a week for the duration of the program.  Typically 8 weeks.