From Chaos to Clarity!


On November 23, 2019 in

“His marks in school have increased by 30 – 40 % and the emotionality of his behavior has improved in many ways.  He is less volatile, aggressive and in general easier to get along with.  All this has helped his self-esteem and made life a little easier”. 

Dr. Fred Wilson, B.Sc., D.C., Chiropractor, Calgary

“…within 3 months teachers concurred that my daughter no longer needed to be in the special needs classroom and will be in a regular classroom this fall.  She was in grade 7 and reading at a grade 4 level when we began the program, she is now reading at a grade 8 level.  All academic areas improved from remedial up to par with where she should be for grade 8″.

Roxanne Corbett, Calgary.

“…his hyperactivity had decreased considerably. His reading, writing and math have improved considerably as well as his willingness to do the work. He is much calmer and nicer to be around.”

Shemin Mussa, Calgary.

“My daughter was having trouble completing assignments and homework at school.  She was a very angry and dissatisfied child…within 1 month she was committed to getting her assignments done on time (even early).  Her grades have improved dramatically and she is much more pleasant to be around”.

Kim Siemens, Calgary

“…he had a very short attention span, temper-tantrums were expected, and very hyper.  Now temper-tantrums are unusual  and he is able to sit and relax for an extended period of time.  Thank you Ellicia for changing our lives”!

Leone Pincemen, Calgary